NECO GCE Agricultural Science Obj and Theory Questions And Answers For 2018

NECO GCE Agricultural Science Obj and Theory Questions And Answers For 2018




Planting date on the Reid = cocoa seeding are transported to the field as from April during the rearing season
Rainfall requirement is the rainfall of 114cm – 200cm per annual.
Nursery Practices
(i)Mulching – light mulch to prevent loss of moisture. Mulching also moderates soil temperature.
(ii)Watering – done immediately after planting and thereafter water regularly early in the mornings and late in the evenings.
(iii)Weed control- to keep the nursery bed completely weed free by uprooting all the weeds.
Harvesting is the process of gathering a ripe crop from the fields. Reaping is the cutting of grain or pulse for harvest, typically using a scythe sickle, or reaper.
(i)it allows good fruiting of pumpkins
(ii)keep the fruit from disease
(iii)To stand erect
(i)regular weeding
(ii)use of Resistance varieties.
(iii)Control of disease of crops
(i)it is erect and of about 3.5m tall
(ii)it is perennial grass with like sugar and dull green, purplish leaf blade
(i)it is a climbing and a perennial legume
(ii)it has densely having stems and leaves


(i) Apply muzzle
(ii) Do not overwork drought animals
(iii) Treat animals fairly to prevent them from being hostile
(iv) Keep them in a healthy environment
(v) Feed and provide them with adequate water
(vi) Make sure that animals are healthy

(i) The land use act(Decree) was promulgated by the Federal Military Government of Nigeria on March 29, 1978.
(ii) It takes care of inadequacies inherent in land ownership in Nigeria
(iii) It is a reform essentially aimed at encouraging proper, productive and efficient use of land
(iv) The decree stipulate that individual can only use a piece of land for 99 years after which the land reverts to the government.

(1ci) Accessibility:
(i) Locate facilities in the walking distance.
(ii) Provide good roads for easy transportation of farm products.
(iii) Easy accessibility and evacuation of farm products.

(1cii) Topography:
(i) Animal quarters should be located far away from the staff living quarter.
(ii) It determines the location of farm buildings and structures.
(iii) The buildings are usually located on the way


Animal improvement refers to the ways of developing and breeding only those animals that show the greatest merit under consideration such as good feed conversion, growth rate, disease resistance, egg size etc.

(i) To produce animals with high growth rate.
(ii) To produce animals that are resistant to parasite and diseases.

Queen – To lay eggs.
Worker – To feed the caste.

(i) Availability of water.
(ii) Availability of clay soil.
(iii) Vegetation of the area

(i) They are high in fibre.
(ii) They are low in protein.

(i) Loss of appetite
(ii) High fever
(iii) Loss of weight
(iv) Difficult breathing



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