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(i) The use of the flashback technique: Flashback is employed to supply the reader with information about what had happened in the past Yaremi’s Courtship with Ajumobi is known to the reader through the writer’s employment of flashback also yaremi’s reminiscences are helpful in filling the gaps that exist in knowledge about Ajumobi who had died nine months before the narration of the story began. Other information about yaremi’s childhood and business are provided through a flashback to those experiences.

(ii) The use of suspense technique: Suspense is introduced to create an air of expectancy and curiosity in the reader. Woye’s sickness and the possible outcome are points of suspense in the novel. The reader desperately seek to know if woye would be well again. The cap picking ceremony is also another suspense-filled episode in the novel. The reader is very interested in knowing whose cap yaremi would pick, the reader shares the villagers surprise when yaremi walk to the bench, shares at the caps bows to the elders and walks away from the arena.

(iii) The use of myths and folk tales technique: Myths and folk tales are employed to enrich the story. The narrator tells of the myths and folk tales that are told in the village about the moon. There are also references in the tortoise who visited his in-law house and messed himself up with mess of hot pottage in the sitting room right in front of his new wife yanibo”. The proud antelope who lived like a prince and who was eventually subdued by the hunter’s bullet; the hungry baboon who enlarged his flat nose as he tried to smell the aroma of the farmers wife melon soup; the greedy thief who died if constipation from the stolen corn that he ate and other stories about the hyena and the chicken.


(i) Max is a communist colleague of Jan Erlane who works at the Labour defenders office as a lawyer. An elderly fellow of Jewish background, he is introduced to bigger by Jan over the possibility of depending the latter in his murder case. He voluntarily offers to defend bigger in his murder trial. From Bigger’s arrest to the inquest and finally to his arraignment in court, he protects his interest and argued vehemently to convince the court to spare his life. Although he fails to secure a mitigation of punishment to him. Bigger is convinced that Max does the best he can for him.
Max also assumes the role of an adviser to bigger, besides his professional counselling. He faults and advises him against hating other. He also pulls his lack of regret over his murder of many and encourages him to be brave in facing the electronic chair. He also advises him against probing into the ways of things when he is just hours from death.
During his defence of Bigger, he exposes the illogicalities of racial oppression in the society and tries to situate Bigger’s crime in the context of such illogicalities. For instance, he highlights the absurdity of renting houses to blacks including Bigger’s family. In the black belt and refusing to do so in other area thereby keeping Mary a stranger to the family chauffeur.
Through his personal and professional counsels, he is able to move Bigger from a great deal of Ignorance to a reasonable level of enlightenment. He is also able to make him feel like a man, a man with dignity. It is the effect of these efforts which make Bigger wish not to die again.

(ii) A Jan is a communist activist and boy friend to the murdered Mary Dalton. Part of his job as a party worker include organizing demonstrations, raising money per the party, attending meetings on behalf of the party and so on. As Mary’s Lover, he give a nice company and he is seriously shocked by her death. He links Bigger with Max. In spite of the fact that Bigger is responsible for the death of his lover he facilitates the meeting of Max and Bigger and encouraged the latter to talk to the former who is ready to defend bigger free of charge. Although the defense does not save Bigger life, he feels proud of the effect and his life is relatively transformed through enlightenment. This role of Ian surprises Bigger because this is the man he had tried to blame his crime on.


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