Don seeks more funding for education

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Emeritus Professor and former Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan (U.I), Ayo Banjo, has urged government to put in more funding into the educational system in the country.

He spoke in Lagos at a National Conference on Quality Education: Access and Rights Management in Nigeria, organised by Reproduction Rights Society of Nigeria (REPRONIG) in collaboration with Association of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities.

Banjo noted that government is not putting in enough money into education, saying that is causing Nigeria to lose many talents.

According to him, “Young Nigerians are excelling through their natural talents and gifts or through home advantage. But there must be geniuses who are wasting away. It is the business of education to prevent the wastage. We must start by providing decent environment for educating the children.  What we call schools these days is nothing to write home about and we cannot expect them to display their best quality in an environment that is not conducive. We are not putting enough money into education and this is making us to loose many talents.”

“You don’t run a University and it is only the nationals teaching there. If you make a bad life you will produce a bad life. If we provide quality education, this country would shoot up.

On the issue of piracy in Nigeria, he advised that strong penalty should be imposed on anyone who is caught.

“This issue of piracy must be discouraged in Nigeria. It is unfortunate that the people who are supposed to check this out are part of it. The law should be strict on piracy.”

REPRONIG Chairman, Olu Obafemi said: “For Nigeria to attain quality education and guarantee a sustainable publishing industry rights must not only be protected but we must also promote access and provide a mechanism to recompense authors and publishers.

He said the society must give attention to people with disabilities.

“All institution structures, libraries and the books as well as academic materials must be made with effort that the physically challenged can have access to it,” he said.

He noted that piracy had increased the depth of criminality in the country.

“It is alarming that writers find their works imprecated and they cannot make economic benefit from their work.  This shows the depth of criminality piracy has put this country into. Many writers are suffering under the pains of piracy and it must be checked.

Executive Secretary, Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND), Dr Abdullahi Baffa, represented by Director, Academic Staff, Training and Development, TETFUND,  Dr Salihu Bakari, said government has done a lot in the educational system but more needs to be done in the area of funding, noting that until education is taken seriously,  the  and we must take education seriously with high quality,  the country will not progress

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